Supervisor for student research projects:

  • 2017/18: Supervisor for a summer undergraduate research project of the University of Edinburgh’s Institute for Astronomy. The project exploits and furthers the research on different types of generative adversarial networks to create high-quality synthetic galaxy images, for both weak lensing calibration in dark energy research and dataset augmentation for deep learning approaches like galaxy classification and deblending. The resulting paper is under review at MNRAS (preprint: arXiv:1811.03081).

TA at the School of Physics and Astronomy:

  • 2018/2019: Programming, Data Analysis and Machine Learning 2 (PGPH11102)
  • 2018/2019: Programming, Data Analysis and Machine Learning 1 (PGPH11102)
  • 2017/2018: Introductory Astrophysics (PHYS08050)

Guest lecturer for the Programming Society:

  • 2017/18: Introduction to Machine Learning, covering the implementation of naive Bayes classifiers
  • 2017/18: Building Probabilistic Simulations, covering Bayes’ theorem and the Monty Hall problem